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Suga-T is a MA, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Award Winning Many Times Gold Platinum Selling National Artist and influencer. She shares powerful insight that can increase the value of our lives presented in a culture competent narration that meets the readers where they are. It is a powerful resource for personal, professional, spiritual, and leadership development. With the increasing amount of influences that flood the media, neighborhoods and our surroundings, The Winners Dictionary empowers its readers with a mind renewing experience of insight, wisdom, truth and understanding. Readers will have a better chance to get to the win much faster in a much more efficient way. The most amazing thing about The Winners Dictionary is the nug​gets and jewels presented in the readings are produced from hands on experience and proven results. 


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A  2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors recipient and the First Lady of the Bay Area’s multi-platinum royal family entertainment group, The Click. Along with her two brothers, E40 and D Shot, and cousin B Legit, The Click elevated Suga-T to become the biggest selling West Coast woman in hip hop, culminating with the multi-platinum hit “Sprinkle Me” with E40. “Sprinkle Me” was the first platinum hip hop hit by a brother sister duo. As a teen mom, Suga-T had responsibilities far beyond her own career ambitions and made it a point to take breaks away from hip hop, forced to create a variety of successful businesses both for survival and as a way of balancing out her fears of depending on music only. She knew before many artists that a star has to be a brand first, creating as many opportunities to make a living for yourself as possible to support the ones you love. In the midst of it all, she became a Young Grandmother, a matriarch of her own next generation responsible for two generations flourishing under her name.  While re-inventing her brand to become a better role model, she experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. This experience gave Suga-T a lot of insight from a lot of perspectives which provided her the passion to increase her personal, professional and spiritual development. She shares all the nuggets and jewels that she experienced, and created The Winners Dictionary to better prepare others for their life journey or for the intervention in the middle of it. 

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