The PUSH (Her) Network is an organization that empowers, unites and inspires females in and around Hip Hop and urban communities. Our objective is to create a safe platform for females to showcase and develop their talents, while empowering them with the tools to be leaders and well within their whole self. The PUSH (Her) Network also provides services, resources, education and awareness around the need to support females in and or around Hip Hop, as an offering to create a healthier balance in and around the Hip Hop Industry, while bringing the awareness to the importance of their existence in the mostly male favored industries, bridging the gap.

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PUSH Her Network- Female Empowerment

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Suga-T is an inspiration to many and has a long track record of empowering others to win. Check out Suga-T's latest books on Amazon. Let Suga-T speak to you or your group. Request a package to learn more about how she can empower you or your group to win! Ph. 888-436-0574

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celebrating 15 albums 30 years in the game!

We are celebrating The Legendary Suga-T's 15 album, 30 year anniversary giving you "A Taste of Suga"-T now available to perform her Hip Hop, Rhythm & Blues, Rhythm & Rap, Rhythm and Soul, Gospel or Variety Show.